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Postures of Grace~*


to the Joy of Transformation 

Breath, Love and Curiosity 

I believe that every person is their own best healer, and that when we collaborate in healing miracles happen. 

With the right tools, resources and awareness we have the ability to come into healthy relationship with all things. 

It is my intention and my joy to share the power of subtle energy healing for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transformation.

~ Sarah Cruse                 

Beautiful Landscape

Marble Surface


Clear patterns of trauma.  Liberate your voice.

Experience greater freedom.

Marble Surface



Process feelings like depression, anger, anxiety, and confusion.

  They are the seeds of wisdom 


Marble Surface


Reverse the wheel of addiction. 

Deepen into self awareness  

Unlock and activate your creative potential.


"Sarah's healership is one of the most viscerally transformative experiences I have ever been gifted.  Her intuition, skill and presence is an absolute gift.  I truly felt like I had been waiting lifetimes to be touched and helped in the way she did.  I am beyond grateful to receive her presence" 

~ Dana Mariposa Schlick

“Sarah is simply one of the best healers I’ve ever worked with.  She helped me make one of the most important spiritual breakthroughs I’ve ever experienced and has literally helped saved my life” 

~ April S.


 Sarah Cruse

As a young girl I could see into the lives of others.  I would feel their pain and would experience intense energies surge through my body.  It was uncomfortable and confusing.  I didn’t have the tools to make sense of what was happening.  After a series of challenging and traumatic events, these gifts shut down and became memories.  

My offering comes from a lifetime of learning to re-engage the world from my true essence, to retrain patterns of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease.  To engage them with the love that yields wisdom, and to creatively 

express from that wisdom. 

It is a great joy to collaborate with people in their healing journeys.  The best parts of ourselves are enhanced when we share intention, awareness and love...this is where miracles happen.  

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