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Our Collaboration 

Sei Mee Tea and I collaborated in a fun and informative conversation.  My playful and wise character granny had a beautiful time talking, drinking, learning and laughing .  If you are interested in learning more about the healing properties of the tea Sei Mee distributes you can visit their website here.   You can also purchase their varieties of high quality tea at a discounted price here and check out the links below for our referral program discount!

Purchase SEI MEE TEA


SEI MEE TEA® supplies you with many beautiful teas including matcha but we would like to introduce people to Japanese organic Sencha tea powder, "Edible Green®", both regular and water-process-decaf, which are healthier substitutes to matcha as they are significantly lower in Caffeine (regular) or offer little Caffeine (decaf) while providing even more green tea antioxidants. We also offer roasted brown rice in fine powder, "Unforgettable™", to make a delicious drink, hot or cold, which tastes like dark chocolate or coffee but without caffeine. All products are Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Certified Organic, or Organically Grown.


To receive the 5% Discount on

1) Click the link under Discounted Price or Referral Program and Go to "C" for Sarah Cruse/Granny!

2) *If you would like to receive Loyalty points in addition to the 5% Discount, please create an account with SEI MEE TEA first, by following the 3 simple steps.

3) Shop Sei Mee Tea's website, your discount (and loyalty points, if desired) will be shown in your cart upon checking out, please finish your purchase in sequential

Referral Program Discount Here

Sei Mee Tea

SEI MEE TEA®, a family business in rural Oregon, was created by its founder, Kiyomi Koike in 2004. As a cancer survivor’s wife, she decided to share her discoveries about green tea with American folks.

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